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Fake SB Dunks
Fake SB Dunks
First of all, looking at the actual blue <a href="https://www.sbdunk.org/">Fake SB Dunks</a> Nike Swoosh logo, you can see how [url=https://www.sbdunk.org/]Fake SB Dunks[/url] the fake pair has its logo looking too thick, as it is fit too deep into the patch. https://www.sbdunk.org 26 May 2021 07:36
Buy Fake Dunks
Buy Fake Dunks
Starting with the thickness flaw, you can see how the fake Dunks have their threads too thin, and how the authentic ones are visibly thicker. https://www.dunkskicks.org 16 Aug 2021 08:20
Do you notice how the profile on the authentic pair is shaped at the toe? The design should give the foot a more snug feel and is created with performance and function in mind. Neglected qualities in the fake pair, a corner cut that highlights a lack of excellence in these factories.
15 Sep 2021 07:45
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